Placenta Encapsulation

We have been serving families in the Tampa Bay area with Placenta Encapsulation and other placenta services for the last 5 years. Our clients who take their placenta pills report increased energy, balanced postpartum moods, bountiful milk supply, and general feeling of warmth and well-being. Read more about the benefits and process on our blog!

  • Encapsulation is our most popular offering. It includes pick up from your birth location, processing and encapsulation, and home delivery of your finished pills. The cost is $200.
  • Smoothies provide a palatable way to enjoy the most immediate benefits from your placenta. A small piece of your placenta is blended with mixed organic fruits and juice or coconut water and consumed immediately postpartum for a restorative boost. The cost of on-call and on-location smoothie preparation is $75
  • Salves blend the healing properties of your own placenta with herbs and oils to create a skin cream that is nutrient rich. Ideal for vaginal tears or Cesarean scars, or anywhere your skin needs some love. The cost is $40.
  • Tincture is a wonderful way to prolong the life of your placenta's benefits. Part of your placenta is infused in high grade alcohol for 6 weeks while you enjoy your pills, and you receive a bottle of drops you & your family can use for wellness and stress relief for years to come. The cost is $75.
  • Packages are available if you would like a combination of placenta preparations!

If you have any questions about placenta encapsulation or other placenta rituals or are ready to reserve service, please contact us at 813.515.0825


*Encapsulation is available in both traditional Chinese and raw methods of preparation.

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